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Fancy Fit started with my Instagram account in October 2015. I shared my workouts and meals, as well as my own transformation, not only on Instagram but at work as well. That led to many girls asking me to help them on their fitness journeys, many soldiers asking me to help them come off the over weight program, which evolved into to me getting my personal trainers certification. I began training three people at a time due to my schedule and also started creating online fitness plans and coaching.

Today all of my training is only offered online. I hold an amazing Fancy Fit core program, Lower Body Program, Full body training(Home and Gym), seasonal challenges, and various guides. Thanks for considering me to help you get fit and healthy. I can’t wait to begin working with you!

About Fancy

Hi everyone! You probably already know my name is Frantzcesca Casimir, also known as Fancy. I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. I lived in many places and move frequently with the Army.

Growing up I never had confidence because I was the slim girl that didn’t go through puberty as fast as my peers. I remember always watching the crossfit competitions on TV and thinking that I want to look just like those ladies.

Fast forward a couple years, I join the Army and thought for sure that basic training will wipe me into shape because never thought about the whole concept of achieving the look I seen on TV. While being in the military, I was pretty active but I never took interest in weight training, not to mention my eating habits were terrible. My favorite thing to eat was anything at McDonald and my favorite beverage was ginger-ale.

In May 2013, I started doing some research on the competitions, I use to see on TV and decided to join a crossfit gym. I signed up for the eight weeks beginners class. I was so excited to start this new journey until I was told that I had to stop eating the way I was eating if I wanted to achieve any results. After eight weeks of consistency with my training and nutrition which was a paleo diet, I was able to lose the excess layer of fat in the mid section and gain muscles. I remember taking my  progress photo after the eight weeks was complete, my eyes filled with tears when I realized, I did it. I worked hard, made sacrifices and it all paid off.

Over the past few years, I have learned what weight lifting, cardio and a great nutrition can do for my body and others I have helped by sharing my fitness journey with Instagram. I am so thankful and blessed beyond measure to be able to reach out and help women all over the world. Through fitness I have gained physical and mental strength, confidence in myself, and an understanding of how important it is to fuel your body so it can perform its best. My ultimate goal and passions to continue to share my knowledge with any and every woman who wants to get healthier, become faster, get stronger and become confident in her own skin!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Enjoy browsing around my new website!

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