Fancy Fit | Physical Fitness Test Improvement
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Physical Fitness

Test Improvement


  • Whats Included

    • Breathing Technique
    • Customized Meal Plan Discount Code
    • Grocery list
    • Meal Prep Guide
    • Nutrition Tips
    • Preferred Supplement List
    • Instructional Videos

This program is designed to help military members, civilians that are joining the military, or anyone that will like to improve in this area. After this program, you will have learned different techniques to run better and faster. You will also have better upper body strength to do more pushups. Finally, you will have a stronger core to do more sit-ups in the time allotted for your physical fitness test. You will be incorporating high intensity interval training/cardio with weight lifting while focusing on the upper body, core, and legs. The program is set up for 5 training days and 2 rest day.

Whats Included:

Breathing technique, Discount code for customized meal plan, Grocery list, Meal prep guide, Nutrition tips, Preferred supplement list that can be beneficial and the purpose for each, and Instructional videos.

Customized Meal Plans

The most important component to your personal goals is your nutrition.

Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian options are also available.

Interested in a customized meal plan?

Once the meal plan is purchased, we will send you a questionnaire via email to better customize your meal plan.

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