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  1. With Fancy Fit Tabata HIIT guide, you’ll be able to build  muscle and burn fat with these 30 HIIT movements. Most of these workouts will not require equipment. Fancy made it to where, some of the exercises will only require one dumbbell. Also, No gym required.

Tabata training is one of most common HIIT workouts. It will raise your metabolism and heart rate in no time. Because you are going at such a high level of intensity, your body has to work much harder to keep up. Your metabolism will stay at a high not only during the workout, but after the workout as well. 

Highintensity interval training also known as HIIT is a type of exercise that involves repeated short highintensity, or “burst” exercises, followed by brief recovery periods. This sequence is repeated several times in a row. 

If you’re ready to have a routine help you cut fat fast or maybe you simply want to burn the same amount calories you would on a steady state pace on a treadmill? Then, Fancy Fit Tabata HIIT Guide is exactly what you need 🙂

*Please note: In order to DOWNLOAD the guide, you must create an account (by inputting your information) prior to completely checking out.


Demo Videos of each exercise will be provided. Also, attached will be nutrition tips to help with your journey.


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